Richard Stewart

Richard Stewart
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist
One to one or small group Personal Training
Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapy
Circuit Training Classes
Kettlebell Classes
Stick Mobility Classes
Years Qualified
Personal Trainer – 2009
Sports Massage Therapist - 2019
Treatment Prices
contact the clinic for full price list
Wednesday: 0900 – 1800
Thursday: 10.00 - 12.15 & 1.45 – 1800
Friday 0900 - 1600

About Richard

With over a decade’s experience in the health and fitness industry including Personal Training, Group Fitness Instructing and Health Club Management, Richard has a great passion for motivating and inspiring people to live an active and happy life. With an opened minded and inclusive attitude towards fitness and wellbeing Richard believes in the importance of making fitness a fun and sustainable activity, rather than something to just achieve a short term goal. Fitness is a journey everyone should begin but nobody should finish.

Richard is a versatile and flexible Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist, and believes in a client-centred approach to health and fitness. He can guide you through strength training, cardiovascular and endurance training, mobility and flexibility at a level that is appropriate to the individual.

Richard's Treatment

Richard enjoys using a wide range of exercise methods and equipment, from traditional dumbbells, barbells and cable machines to kettlebells, battleropes, suspension straps and Bulgarian Bags. Not forgetting the most important – your own body weight! He believes that exercise forms an important element of a long, healthy and happy life and that training should reflect life’s demands as well as being tailored around specific goals.

When it comes to Sports Massage, Richard believes that the most effective treatment does not have to involve excruciating pain, as is often the perception. Each treatment begins with a consultation and screen process, and an appropriate treatment plan is agreed with the client thereafter.

Sports Massage is not just for sports people. It can benefit anyone suffering from muscular aches, pains and tension, or anyone looking to relieve some of the stress of everyday life. It can aid in freer movement and is an excellent adjunct to other manual therapies, as well as helping as part of a wider injury rehab strategy.

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