About Essential Somatics at Evergreen Wellness

Somatic Movement Education, as taught by Thomas Hanna, is a revolutionary movement education system, that releases pain and tension in the body and creates more flexibility and ease of movement.

Focussing on “pandiculating” muscles rather than stretching, Somatics can be done by anyone of any age or ability.

During the weekly class, you will learn a series of incredibly effective self care exercises to release, relax and lengthen all the muscles of the body quickly and easily.

The exercises learnt in class can then be applied at any time to release tight muscles and eliminate pain long term.

Essential Somatics Prices

£60.00 for a six week block.

1:1 Clinical Somatics appointments are also available:

New Patient Appointment (up to 90 minutes) £65.00
Follow up appointment (up to 60 minutes) £50.00
1:1 Somatics Movement Class (60 minutes) £45.00

Essential Somatics Availability

Classes run on:

Wednesday 11:15am - 12:15pm

1:1 sessions are available at various times Monday to Wednesday

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