Sharon Eckman

Sharon Eckman
seated massage (on site massage)
Years Qualified
Treatment Prices
Shiatsu full body massage
Initial consultation
75 minutes £45.00
Follow up treatments
60 minutes £40.00

Shiatsu Head Massage
30 minutes £28.00
45 minutes £35.00

Mondays 2pm to 5pm
Thursdays 3pm - 7pm
Saturdays 10am to 1pm

About Sharon

Sharon is a multi-tasking Shiatsu practitioner, actor, workshop leader and writer. She qualified from the Zen School of Shiatsu in London in 2002 and works in London, Herts and Beds. She has a particular interest in and affinity with treating all forms of mental health issues (including bi-polar disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, bereavement and depression – including post-natal).
She has also worked with women diagnosed with HIV/Aids and spent time in Namibia running workshops for carers there.
Sharon is on the committee of SR-UK (Shiatsu Representatives UK), the umbrella body for Shiatsu practitioners in the UK.

Sharon's Treatment

Shiatsu works to harmonise the energy flow through the mind and body. It can
therefore have a powerful effect on conditions such as anxiety, sleep
problems or lack of energy.

Shiatsu is a very practical therapy and is complementary to mainstream Western medicine, using a range of techniques on specific pressure points, from gentle palm and finger pressure through to deep tissue rotation.

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