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Pippa Johnson

Pippa Johnson
200 Yoga teacher qualification
Professional dance training
ETM fitness qualification
Yin Yoga Training courses
A dynamic flow that looks at techniques to strengthen & release the body and mind.
Some sessions may be Yin Yoga focused, which is a slow, meditative practice to open out deep tissue muscles, considering also the energy pathways in the body.
Years Qualified
Treatment Prices
£8 per class drop in
£70 for a block of 10 classes
Class times - Tuesday 6pm to 7pm

About Pippa

After many years in dance and theatre training, Pippa works regularly as a performer. In the past few years she has competed as a fitness model, undergoing an intensive fitness programme. Throughout her theatre and fitness training, Pippa was a avid student of yoga and decided there was a calling for her to share her combined knowledge with others. She is always extending her yoga teaching experience - teaching at overseas retreats and is now qualified in Yin Yoga too.

Pippa's Treatment

Yoga sessions for all abilities, ensuring each student is being appropriately challenged to strengthen their practice, find better alignment in their physical body and have some time in a safe space to release a little emotional tension too, allowing students to leave the practice feeling balanced again.

Hands on correction will be given unless requested otherwise. Pippa uses influences from Thai Yoga massage techniques to deepen a students practice. Private 1-1 sessions are available on request. Please speak to Pippa directly.

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