Natalie Hailes

Natalie Hailes
Sound Touch Therapy and Mantra Level 2
Using various sizes and tones of Tibetan Singing bowls placed on specific points of the body and played in contact, the gentle vibration penetrates all cells and tissues.
Years Qualified
Treatment Prices
£50 for up to 60 minutes
Various times & days are available

About Natalie

Natalie has trained in this technique in the Eastern Tradition in India and been practicing for a year with lots of success. She is client focussed and works using verbal and non verbal queues from her patients, always holding space for their healing and wellbeing.

Natalie's Treatment

A member of the bodywork therapies group- sound touch therapy or sound massage works on the theory that sound and vibration not only effects our mood but can release stored negative energies, emotions and pain from our bodies too.

Sound touch therapy has been used as a valid healing method for over 5000 years in eastern traditions. The primordial sound induces a deep relaxation for the mind and the vibration awakens the body’s natural healing ability, bringing attention to areas of stress, pain or stored negativity and allowing the body to naturally clear these and promote wellness.

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