Miles Larter

Miles Larter
Sports Therapist & Student Physiotherapist
• Sports Injuries Assessment & Rehab
• Sports Massage & Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques
• Central and Peripheral Mobilisations
• Strapping & Taping, Kinesiology Taping
• Electrotherapy
• Gym Instructing & Exercise Prescription
• Acupuncture
• GAIT Analysis
Years Qualified
2015 & 2019
Treatment Prices
Sports Massage – Up to 45-60 Minutes - £45
Sports Massage – Up to 30 Minutes - £28

Sports Injuries – Up to 45 Minutes - £45
Sports Injuries – Up to 30 Minutes - £28
Saturday 9-5
Sunday – 1-4 (On Request Only)

About Miles

Miles has over 2 years experience in treating injuries, he incorporates techniques learnt from both his Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy degrees.

Miles has sprinted nationally for Bedford & County Athletics Club and was County Champion over 100m & 200m for 3 years. Miles also has an interest in football and has worked as a Sports Therapist for Wycombe Wanderers FC.
Miles graduated as a sports therapist in 2015, and has been treating the sporting population locally whilst studying for his second degree in Physiotherapy. Miles has gained valuable experience in treating myogenic (Muscles), Neurogenic (Nerves) and Arthrogenic (Bones) injuries within the NHS as a Physiotherapy Student, Miles also currently works as a rehab assistant in a neurological centre during the week.

Miles's Treatment

Treatment sessions allow him to assess all your injuries and plan your individual rehabilitation with him to help get you back to full fitness. He also runs a sports massage clinic to help relieve any general muscles tightness, aches and pains you may be suffering from.

Miles has a big emphasis on looking at how the body is moving during every day and sporting activities, he feels it is extremely important to gain an understanding of the way your body moves during these activities and if anything can be modified to help with the recovery of your injuries.
Miles is therefore very interested in using GAIT analysis in his sessions and will use video software to analyse his patients movements/activities in fine detail if appropriate, he will then show and discuss the findings with you to show how you can adapt your technique. Miles looks at both your posture and GAIT together, which allows him to treat not just the problem/injury a patient presents with but it also allows him to look much more specifically at the root cause.

Miles has experience in working with both first team league 2 football players as well as working within the NHS with elderly patients, this allows Miles to mould his treatment to fit each patient’s needs.

Any of these sessions with Miles will begin with an assessment where he will listen to the history of your present condition and then perform a number of special tests and assessments to help understand the causes of your injury. Miles will then construct his sessions around what he finds in the assessment and will use effective treatment techniques to help with your present condition. Finally at the end of the session Miles will go through some self-management exercises and stretches for you to do at home to help increase your strength, flexibility and exercise tolerance.

Miles is very proactive at going on new courses to learn new techniques he can use in his clinics, and he is constantly reviewing literature to make sure all his techniques are up to date and are the most effective techniques used for all injuries.

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