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Jon Ashton

Jon Ashton
Level 3 Matwork- Body Control
Pilates for Performance- Body Control
Pilates for Golfers- Body Control
REPs level 3
BTEC National Diploma in Sports Science
11:30am. Matwork and small studio equipment Pilates classes for beginners to advanced.

12:45. Intensive Pilates. 30min lunchtime intense workout.

1:1,2:1 & 3:1 sessions are also available
Years Qualified
Treatment Prices
£8 per class

Groups- Mondays. 11:30am & 12:45.

1:1, 2:1, 3:1- 7 days a week subject to availability

About Jon

I've been a professional footballer for the past 16 years and I've now turned my hand to teaching Pilates. I started practicing Pilates a number of years ago as a way of injury rehabilitation and prevention which quickly led on to me being hooked as I found it enhanced my performance and prolonged my career. I only wish I'd discovered Pilates sooner.
I've worked with professional athletes and those just looking to improve their quality of life. I find it fulfilling to help my clients achieve whatever it is they want to achieve through Pilates. Pilates has that power!

Jon's Treatment

My aim now is to bring others those same benefits in whatever walk of life. From elite sportspeople to those who lead sedentary lifestyles. Everyone is able to improve their quality of life and/or performance levels.
My classes are always challenging the body to adapt and improve whether that be through flexibility, strength, mobility or simply just relaxation and peace of mind.

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