Elaine Harris

Elaine Harris
Reiki Master Teacher, BodyTalk Practitioner, EFT, Family and Organisational Constellations
Family and Organisational Constellations
Years Qualified
Constellations 7 years
Treatment Prices
Family Constellations £65 per hour – £25 for children
Mondays all day and Tuesday mornings when in country

About Elaine

Elaine is an international trainer and practitioner with over 20 years experience in the healing arts and performance enhancement. Drawing directly on techniques and treatments that have worked for her personally, Elaine has a toolbox that includes Reiki, BodyMind Balancing, EFT, Intuitive Energy Work and most recently Systemic Constellations. The Systemic process merges perfectly with the work she already does with both her one to one clients and within her training programmes. Elaine says – “I believe that Systemic Mind/Body Medicine and Energy Psychology are some of the most important and valuable tools we have to use in our lives today.”

Elaine's Treatment

Family and Organisational Constellations explores recurring patterns in our life, and life challenges through a systemic lens, looking at the individual or business that exists as part of a greater system. Using this process can often reveal previously hidden dynamics that may be entangling us in matters that are the legacy of others rather than our own.
Just as our physical genetic code is passed down from generation to generation, old patterns of behaviour, traumas and difficulty can be passed down from generation to generation too - inherited as a kind of energy genetic code.
The effects of these events can send ripples through the system, and impact current generations in subtle ways that seem impossible to envisage until we consider a wider picture.
The Systemic constellation process explores the subtle relationships between and within different systems, and the Constellating practice itself is the way of making these previously unconscious/invisible influences visible.
Though we cannot ‘see’ these forces in action, there is often an unconscious somatic experiencing of them within our body - a little like having once blind tasted the orange, but having no explanation as to what it was - the body has the physical ‘experience’, but no context in which to relate this to.
Inviting the client to create a physical, spatial representation of their issue, including people and events that may have previously been overlooked, ignored or excluded, this internal somatic experience becomes more apparent, spotlighting the hitherto unseen relationship dynamics that may have become entangled.
The applications of this work are numerous and variable. Ideal for issues that are stuck or repeating, this work is useful in both personal and professional challenges
Personal -
• Difficult relationships between couples and
family members 

• Relational and professional problems at work 

• Chronic illness, addictions, depression, lack
of motivation 

• Bereavement, loss, suicidal tendencies

• Adoption, abortion, illegitimacy, incest, rape 

• Ancestral issues, family secrets, ruptures,
divorce, violence 

• Life changes and choices, assessing strategies
and solutions

• Finding and feeling our own resources and

Professional -
• Company development - structure, goals,

• Management and Staff relationships, building
the right team...

• Finance, marketing ideas, potential customers,
sustainability, direction... 

• Creativity, plot and character development...

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