Elaine Grundy

Elaine Grundy
Reiki Master Teacher
Reiki healing
Years Qualified
since 1995
Treatment Prices
£70 Initial consultation (90mins), £50 follow-up (60mins)
Tues 10am-3pm
Fri 1-6pm

About Elaine

Elaine is a Reiki Master with over 20 years experience as a teacher and healer and has recently moved back to the UK after many years living and working abroad and Singapore and the USA. She brings a wealth of Reiki healing experience as well as a deep intuitive connection to help clients find their own answers and bring profound healing to difficult emotional, mental and physical conditions. Elaine is author of Reiki, Pure and Simple and facilitates a thriving online community through coaching, webinars, and online workshops.

Elaine's Treatment

After a brief initial discussion, you will relax on a massage bed for the session. Reiki is an energy therapy so Elaine will place her hands on or above your body in different positions. Afterwards Elaine will debrief on any sensations of particular interest and help you reflect on the healing session.

Essentially a Reiki healing is a deep connection with your highest potential through the use of universal energy. Whilst this may sound far fetched, an experienced Reiki practitioner can facilitate a deep communion with your inner wisdom allowing profound healing and insight to take place. Elaine will discuss with you any issue or question you bring to the session and then help you to see the answers. You may come with an illness, an emotional or mental pain or suffering, or simply a sense of overwhelment, depression or malaise. All is welcome.

You may feel heat, tingling or pulsing sensations and whilst most sessions are very relaxing and calming, every individual reacts differently to Reiki as it is a balancing technique and so responds to your particular condition. It may take a series of sessions to see a shift in certain ailments, or one session may give you the push forwards you need.

Elaine is particularly interested in emotional and spiritual issues but may also help you shed light on the root cause of many physical ailments as well. Her specialty is working with well seasoned spiritual seekers, healers, holistic teachers and those wishing for greater self-awareness. She also loves working with other Reiki practitioners to deepen their own Reiki journey.

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