Claire Coghlan

Claire Coghlan
Years qualified EFT (2007), Counseling skills (2013) Matrix Reimprinting initial training (2016)
Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting, Reiki

Years Qualified
EFT 9 years
Matrix Reimprinting 1 year
Treatment Prices
£40 for a 60 minute session
Mondays, Tuesday 9-12, Wednesdays, Fridays various
times are available

About Claire

I have developed my knowledge and skills in the use of meridian energy techniques over a period of 11 years. I have worked in 2 placements on a voluntary basis as a counsellor, working with various issues. As a special introductory offer and to enable people who may want to try this form of therapy, I am offering Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting treatments at the reduced price of £30 per hour for a limited period. Please do not let fear of the unknown prevent you from trying this. My personal website is

Claire's Treatment

I would talk through the issues you wish to discuss and guide you through the process of tapping on the 14 meridian points on the body. I will discuss with you the level of distress you are feeling before we commence. We will repeat tapping on those points as appropriate, and repeat certain words or phrases. It may be necessary to complete several tapping rounds depending upon what comes up for you. I will guide you through this; all you need to do is be open to this. You can tap on your own points with guidance from me, or I can tap on them for you, depending upon your preference and the issue we are working on.

Matrix Reimprinting is a development of EFT.
Approximately 95-98 % of our daily activities are run by subconscious programmes. Some of these will be negative programmes which were imprinted during the first 6 years of our lives. These programmes are based on misperceptions, trauma and observations of those around us, often our parents or carers. For example, a child witnessing an angry or even violent argument by his or her parents, could experience a whole range of emotions and can take on certain beliefs about themselves as a result. Using Matrix Reimprinting we can go into specific memories of events which have influenced our beliefs about ourselves and transform the memories into a more positive picture. This is particularly good for traumatic events we have suffered, whether they are a big trauma or a small trauma.

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