Alison Fairchild

Alison Fairchild
British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma
Trained in Mother and Baby/Family Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli at YogaCampus
Adult Yoga
Mother and Baby Yoga
Yoga Nidra
Years Qualified
qualified 2009
Treatment Prices
Drop-in £8.50 per class
10 lessons paid in advance (no expiry date) £80

Adult Yoga: Thursday 8.15-9.45pm, Friday 9.30-11am, Saturday 9-10.30am

About Alison

I have been interested in yoga and attending classes almost continuously for over twenty years.
After giving up work to bring up my two children, I was attracted to a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course, which I thought would be something interesting to do for a few months, while I was deciding what I wanted to do next. I have never looked back! I went straight on to a BWY Diploma course and have been teaching and learning ever since.

After teaching adult classes for two years I trained in Family yoga and began running Mother and Baby yoga classes alongside my adult classes.

Alison's Treatment

Adult yoga:
I teach a style of yoga which is slow and precise with attention to correct postural alignment and breathing. Classes are relatively small and each student receives personal attention to their needs. I believe that there is something in yoga for everyone and that all postures can be adapted to suit individual needs. Physical condition, age, body shape, previous experience, are no barriers to an effective yoga practice.
I hope that students will learn that Yoga is much more than a weekly exercise class and that the techniques and attitudes we learn on the mat can be applied to all aspects of our lives.

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