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July 12, 2019 Reiki Introduction & Healing Group

Reiki Introduction & Healing Group

by Nina Yau   |   in Courses & Seminars

A delightful time to decompress, heal and experience Reiki in your own hands. These sessions are open to Reiki practitioners and complete beginners.

These experiential sessions introduce you to Reiki, and help you gain a better understanding of this amazing healing therapy. The gathering includes an ‘attunement’ to Reiki where you will be able to experience the Reiki flow through your own hands.

We culminate the session with a Reiki healing so that you can experience the wonderful Reiki energy flowing through you. After the session, you will have several weeks to play with the energy and see for yourself how healing it is.

Reiki practitioners are very welcome to attend to give and receive Reiki, share community and experiences. You may choose to receive an attunement as ‘Reiju’ or blessing to enhance your Reiki and promote healing.

Recommended donation £5

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