About Workshops at Evergreen Wellness

Yoga Nidra -  is a very accessible relaxation technique. You will be guided through several stages of relaxation to bring you to a state of deep rest where your body and mind can refresh and renew.  It requires no special knowledge or experience, simply the desire to be still and listen. 

At a deeper level, Yoga Nidra is a potent meditative resource for deep healing, insight, and empowerment.

Spring Yoga Workshop - Spring is a great time to start new activities or projects. Our energy is rising after the Winter hibernation and we are ready to embrace something new or maybe tweak something old! 

Would you like to practice yoga at home but don’t know where to start? This workshop is for you! 

We'll look at: 
Reasons to have a practice of your own...
What might be stopping us... 
How we can create a simple practice that works for us - and will keep us coming back to our mats. 

The focus in this workshop will be on listening to what we as individuals need in our practice rather than on following "set" routines, although we will consider those also.

The workshop will include a Spring yoga practice as well as time to feel,  think about and discuss relevant issues arising from our subject.

Contact Rachel to book your place: yogateacher@ahimsayoga.co.uk

Restorative Workshop - All poses are supported and seated or lying down.  Can help with fatigue, stress, injury recovery or illness

Suitable for complete beginners

Contact Lucy to book:

T: 07774 686833 | E: yogaholic@hotmail.co.uk



Yin yoga -  is a floor based practice in which poses are held for 3 minutes or more.  releasing knots and promoting energy flow through the energy lines

to book your place email: yogarini@outlook.com


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