Evergreen Chiropractic Clinic & Wellness Centre

About Workshops at Evergreen Wellness

Yogarini - This class is a fusion of yin and restorative yoga coupled with mindfulness practices and completed with a 30min yoga nidra (relaxation)

to book your place email: yogarini@outlook.com

Yin Yoga - Yin yoga is a floor based practice in which poses are held for 3 minutes or more.  releasing knots and promoting energy flow through the energy lines

to book your place email: yogarini@outlook.com

Seasonal Yoga Workshop - this workshop will focus on self care with a mainly but not exclusively Yin yoga posture practice and plenty of meditation and relaxation

Please contact Rachel  at yogateacher@ahimsayoga.co.uk

Rehab for Runners - Learn about common running faults that can lead to injury  and how to identify and fix them.  A practical discovery of participants' running strength deficits and how to fix these at home.


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