Evergreen Chiropractic Clinic & Wellness Centre

About Wing Chun childrens sessions at Evergreen Wellness

Martial artists practice wing chun in order to develop and reach their full potential through understanding the chemistry of ones body.
Wing Chun utilises both the right and left side of the brain in order to focus on the physical motor skills to improve:

•  Better reflexes
•  Spatial awareness
•  Cognitive skills
•  Confidence
•  Fitness
•  Discipline
•  Concentration
•  Character building

Wing Chun sessions are held in a child friendly fun environment where they will endure:

•  New challenges
•  Achievements (grading)
•  Self worth
•  Care for their health
•  Respecting others
•  Belonging of a community

Sifu highlights the importance of a healthy mind which aids a healthy body to restore balance to the heart and is aware of how necessary this is in the current smart tech era we are living in, therefore we feel that wing chun is vital for the cultivation of a young persons mind.

Due to the importance of learning, Sifu equips the youth with the necessary skills required for a fulfilling life, reflecting on ones self.


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