Evergreen Chiropractic Clinic & Wellness Centre

About Systemic Constellation at Evergreen Wellness

What  can it help with?
Systemic Coaching creates a space for fresh insight and perspective. For you to:

Gain clarity for decision-making &weighing up potential options
Feel more empowered & resourced during difficult times
Tackle an unhelpful behaviour or old pattern
Find an answer when you are feeling really stuck
Create a new way forwards & an image of what will get you there
Develop  yourself - heightened awareness,
personal presence, authenticity & action fuelled by your unique purpose/contribution

How does  it work?
It works by facilitating powerful inner shifts in emotion and awareness, often tapping into hidden resources that
powerfully support your greater
It is an approach that supports your
willingness, courage and strength to deal with obstacles and challenges. It mobilizes your energy and commitment to take the next step, sometimes revealing hidden ties or loyalties to the past and the family systems we come from.
Being solution-focused, it identifies the question that, if answered, will have the greatest positive impact on your


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