About Sound Touch Therapy at Evergreen Wellness

Sound touch therapy has been used as a valid healing method for over 5000 years in eastern traditions. The primordial sound induces a deep relaxation for the mind and the vibration awakens the body’s natural healing ability, bringing attention to areas of stress, pain or stored negativity and allowing the body to naturally clear these and promote wellness.


Using various sizes and tones of Tibetan Singing bowls placed on specific points of the body and played in contact, the gentle vibration penetrates all cells and tissues. 

There are many applications for this therapy including for the physical body;

Insomnia, pain management, sciatica, trapped nerves, tension, migraine, menstrual cramps, stress management, kidney stones, muscle strain and impotence and for well-being it will release stored emotions and rebalance the body’s ph aiding physical wellbeing, boosting the immune system and warding off disease

What should I expect?

The therapy is usually an hour long with consultation beforehand. Then just relax, fully clothed as the bowls are gently played and moved around on your body from feet to heart centre. 

If you are coming for a specific issue, we may concentrate a little more on that area but it will always be gentle, soothing and relaxing. 


What can I expect?

Most people feel very relaxed and you may fall asleep. Some people feel warm, others chilly, your body may feel heavy, you may experience some tingling as the energy is moved through your body and some people see visions, colours and shapes as if in a dream.


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