About Holistic Massage at Evergreen Wellness

Pregnancy Massage offers physiological and emotional support to women during a time when their body is going through many changes. This treatment can benefit both mumma and baby, releasing endorphins and muscular tension, inducing deep relaxation and reducing emotional stress. Pregnancy, though wonderful, can come with aches, pains and other issues, and massage can help alleviate some of these. Available after the first trimester. 

Myofascial Release. This is a specialised hands on treatment, which works to release restrictions within the fascia of the body. Fascia has the ability to stretch and move, and in a healthy state should be relaxed, however any trauma experienced by the body (physical or emotional trauma, inflammation, chronic conditions), can lead to the fascia being contorted, dehydrated and stuck.This technique involved gentle sustained pressure, with positions being held for several minutes to allow the fascia to release and return to a healthy position.

Swedish Massage.  Is the most common of massage techniques, which makes for a stimulating massage, helping to improve circulation, promote relaxation and ease physical and emotional tension. The treatment involves working the soft tissue of the body, which eases day-to-day stresses and muscular tension and also be used in support of other therapies to assist in the rehabilitation of muscular injuries.

A massage session can either be a full body treatment (inc head and face if desired) or limited to just neck, back and shoulders. 

Indian Head Massage. Is a form of massage which focuses on the head, neck, face, shoulders and upper back and can provide relief on physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. Indian Head Massage originates from Ayurvedic Medicine, the principals of which are based on balancing the mind, body and spirit. Ayurvedic texts dating back around 4000 years mention massage as a form of therapy, describing how it can strengthen the body’s healing system as well as strengthen muscles and form skin. Indian Head Massage treatment uses massage movements to help ease muscle strain and tension, while the pressure on various points of the head and neck work the body meridian lines to give treatment to the entire body. 

Thai Foot.  Based on Ayuvedic medicine, this massage incorporates elements of yoga stretching, energy meridian work, shiatsu, acupressure and reflexology.

The massage is beneficial for improving circulation, muscle tone and flexibility as well as encouraging detoxification of the body, preventing injury and boosting the immune system. 

This is a treatment which can provide relief on a physical, mental and emotional level and may give the feeling of having received a full body treatment. The massage works along the energy (sen) lines of the lower legs and feet to balance the flow of energy around the body and also aims to stimulate the internal organs of the body via the reflex points on the feet. 

The massage is received fully clothed with leg wear raised above the knee as the treatment works the feet and lower legs.  

Warm Bamboo Massage. Is a therapy that uses heated smooth bamboo sticks to knead tight muscles and roll out tension. The heat penetrates the muscles and makes it easier to reach areas of tightness.

This technique is used either on the entire body or as part of a Swedish massage, helping to reach deep seated tension and work large muscle groups.


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