About Counselling at Evergreen Wellness

Psychodynamic Counselling with Ian

The service offered is for adults and is either  open-ended counselling or brief counselling.
The guide line below might help in deciding which one will suit you. This can be discussed with your counsellor.

Open ended counselling / psychotherapy  is  generally more effective than shorter periods of therapy for people with complex issues or concerns, the counsellor provides continued support during this time.   

Brief Counselling

We recognise that not everyone can commit to open-ended counselling. As an alternative, we also offer a short-term option to concentrate on a specific issue.

Counselling offers a space to work through areas of your life which may be troubling you. There are times when the causes of distress are clearer, for example if someone close to you has died, if you are experiencing difficulties with a relationship or problems at work. At other times the reasons are not so clear, but the feelings are just as painful.

Sometimes friends and family can help, but it is not always easy to confide in those closest to you. At times like these, it can help to talk to someone who is not personally involved in your life. A counsellor will listen to you without making judgments and can help you find new resources within yourself


The initial appointment gives you a chance to explore some of the feelings that you may be experiencing and to decide whether you think that counselling will be of help to you. The meeting lasts 50 minutes and there is a standard charge. 

Counselling with Linda

I work with my clients in weekly 50 minute sessions.  Sometimes as few as 6 sessions can be enough to provide the insight and confidence a client requires to carry on with their lives. In other circumstances the counselling process takes much longer.   I will encourage you to take stock and talk to me about your counselling at regular intervals.

will explore with you your experience of living your life so that we can fully understand the causes of your distress.  Sometimes simply being heard can be enough to bring relief.  In other cases exploring the difficulties which you face may be the start of a process of making active changes in your life or of making peace with a situation that cannot be changed. 

I have experience of working with a wide variety of issues that can cause us to feel anxious, angry, depressed or despairing. These include problems with relationships and family, health and work as well as anxiety and panic experienced in social or other situations.




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