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About Systemic Constellation at Evergreen Wellness

Systemic Coaching can be a powerful tool for the times when you are exploring ways of moving your life forward and reaching new goals. This inquiring method invites you to expand your awareness and perception of yourself – to look at your potential with fresh eyes. The process opens up a wider, more systemic picture of your life and health where you find your ‘right place’ in relation to people and activities. Like a camera focusing in tightly on a single blade of grass, you often have a very familiar view of yourself and your situation.
Constellations allow you to zoo out and discover a whole lawn. Any ‘stuckness’ you may be experiencing is often a clue, pointing at a hidden pattern that can be cleared, to bring
greater ease, balance and wellbeing.

Systemic Constellation Prices

This approach is highly effective for one- off sessions (ad hoc as needed) or you can choose to do a period of focused work to support periods of major
transition. A coaching session is usually around 60 minutes long– if required, a more lengthy
session is available for a first meeting, or when a particular
need arises.
Anything discussed is kept
£65 for up to a hour
£25 for children

Systemic Constellation Availability


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