About Shiatsu at Evergreen Wellness

At its most basic level, Shiatsu (meaning 'finger pressure') is a
traditional Japanese bodywork. Like Acupuncture, Shiatsu's roots are
based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but instead of needles, Shiatsu
uses palm, finger and thumb pressure. By stimulating the body's internal
energy ('ki' or 'chi') and finding the imbalances, Shiatsu can help you
to feel better and more in control of your own health.

Shiatsu works to harmonise the energy flow through the mind and body. It can
therefore have a powerful effect on conditions such as anxiety, sleep
problems or lack of energy.

Shiatsu is a very practical therapy and is complementary to mainstream Western medicine, using a range of techniques on specific pressure points, from gentle palm and finger pressure through to deep tissue rotation.

Shiatsu Prices

Initial consultation
75 minutes £45

Follow up treatments
60 minutes £40

Shiatsu Availability

Clinic times and days vary. Please contact reception for further information

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