About Head Massage at Evergreen Wellness

Similar to Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu-based head massage is a luxuriously relaxing yet energising treatment, focussing not only on the head and scalp, but also on the upper back, shoulders, neck, arms and face. As is the case with Shiatsu itself, your head massage will be given over clothes and without oils.
The aim of a Shiatsu-based head massage is to balance your energy using the meridian pathways and Tsubos (pressure points) that form part of a Shiatsu treatment. By focussing on the upper body, face and head, the treatment can in fact impact the entire body, as the energy flows downwards even as far as your toes. This means that the treatment will not only relax you but also release accumulated tension in the tissues, joints and muscles of the face, neck, head and shoulders and lead to a feeling of all-body wellbeing.

Head Massage Prices

30 mins - £28
45 mins - £35

Head Massage Availability

availability varies. Please
contact reception for more details

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