About Emotional Freedom Technique & Matrix Re-imprinting at Evergreen Wellness

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a meridian energy based therapy.

It involves tapping on accupressure points around the body whilst using phrases which come from
you the client and relate to the issue causing concern.

In this way different emotional states can be managed and connections between life events and emotions can be improved.

A real benefit of EFT is that with some guidance and practice it can be learnt so that you can practice it on yourself.

I will talk through with you what you want to work on and guide you through the process of tapping on the meridian points on the body. I work creatively and organically and can bring in other tools to help you as appropriate. I have also undertaken training in Systemic Constellations, and may use that as well, after discussing it with you.

What is Matrix Re-imprinting?

Matrix Re-imprinting is a more advanced form of EFT.
Approximately 95-98 % of our daily activities are run by subconscious programmes. Some of these will be negative programmes which were imprinted during the first 6 years of our lives. These programmes are based on misperceptions, trauma and observations of those around us, often our parents or carers. For example, a child witnessing an angry or even violent argument by his or her parents, could experience a whole range of emotions and can take on certain beliefs about themselves as a result. Using Matrix Re-imprinting we can go into specific memories of events which have influenced our beliefs about ourselves and transform the memories into a more positive picture. This is particularly good for traumatic events we have suffered, whether they are a big trauma or a small trauma.

Emotional Freedom Technique & Matrix Re-imprinting Prices

£40 for up to 50 minutes

Emotional Freedom Technique & Matrix Re-imprinting Availability

Mondays, Tuesday 9-12, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays various
times are available. Evening appointments are available too.

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