About Counselling & Clinical Psychology at Evergreen Wellness

Linda Baker :Counselling & Psychotherapy
Linda studied a number of different approaches but her preferred way of working is existential. Existential therapy is based in philosophy but basically means that she understands her clients issues as problems in living rather than as problems with them. Consequently she does not seek to diagnose or label clients in any way.

She will explore with you your experience of living your life so that we can fully understand the causes of your distress. Sometimes simply being heard can be enough to bring relief. In other cases exploring the difficulties which you face may be the start of a process of making active changes in your life or of making peace with a situation that cannot be changed.

Kim Caldwell: Clinical Psychology
Kim is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist employed in the NHS. She has over 14 years of experience working within primary and secondary care mental health. The majority of her work has been with adult and older adult client groups in community settings. In addition, she also has experience of inpatient and forensic settings. Kim has a special interest in working with individuals who have experienced trauma, or those with addictions. Ultimately, her goal is to address underlying problems and work with the individual in a person-centred way. She uses evidence-based approaches to overcome the difficulties experienced.

Counselling & Clinical Psychology Prices

counselling 50 minute session £45
clinical psychology
Assessment and therapy sessions are £90 for a 50 minute session; longer sessions are pro rata

Counselling & Clinical Psychology Availability

Counselling - Various appointment times are available
Clinical psychology - Appointments Monday 5.30pm to 8.30pm. *other times and days may be available

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