About Counselling at Evergreen Wellness

Ian Poynter: Psychodynamic Counselling may seem an unfamiliar description and it can feel confusing to pick your way through a maze of types of counselling available.

Psychodynamic counselling gives a great deal of significance to the role of early experience in shaping our psychological development and our relationships as adults. Central to the approach is that we are influenced by thoughts, desires, fears, anxieties and fantasies (or imaginings) of which we are barely aware. Being able to bring these unconscious mental processes more into conscious awareness is seen as a key way of helping a person live a more fulfilling life.

Linda Baker :Counselling & Psychotherapy
Linda studied a number of different approaches but her preferred way of working is existential. Existential therapy is based in philosophy but basically means that she understands her clients issues as problems in living rather than as problems with them. Consequently she does not seek to diagnose or label clients in any way.

She will explore with you your experience of living your life so that we can fully understand the causes of your distress. Sometimes simply being heard can be enough to bring relief. In other cases exploring the difficulties which you face may be the start of a process of making active changes in your life or of making peace with a situation that cannot be changed.

Counselling Prices

50 minute session £45

Counselling Availability

Various appointment times are available

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